Undependable Liars...... Hate Em.

I had a breakup 3 years ago. My 3 year old is the result of the relationship. My ex is not exactly sane, hears voices, thinks people are trying to poison him, and just basically makes up things which he believes. I broke up with him and he started stalking me and harrassing me all day and night. now after 3 years because i exended my order of protection he is ticked off and is insisting on visitation. now I have to go to court and fight so he doesnt get to be alonewith my little girl. his sister (who i thought was my friend) said she was going to show up and tell the truth about how he isnt stable and him trying to get open visitation and requesting my ord of protection dropped would not be good.Well.... she didnt show. i text and called her ..... the courthouse is 3 blocks away from her house. and she totally ignored me and didnt answer me. then she gave me the excuse that she didnt have a baby sitter for her little girl.  now she is doing it again. as i have to go back to court a 2nd time. she tells me she will be there.HA! she is so full of it. and everyone else has backed down and does not want to testify against my ex because they have to live in the same town with him.
even now he sees me in public and starts yelling for my little girl. whichi dont think he is allowed to do. besides it beingjust outright rude and vendictive.
he has no wayto get at me so he is trying to get at me by using the courts to try to get near me. he wont just go away. and his sister mentioned to me that he is doing this because i extended the restraining order.
but when she wants something she calls me and im there for her. No longer. she always calls me when she is in trouble or something important comes along and she needs my advise. well.... she can go to her brother, see how far she gets, or her ex felon boyfriend. (as i have found out she has a bf that is a felon and keeps him around her 4 year old. )can people be anymore messed up? 
4melanie4 4melanie4
Jul 18, 2010