Don't Say It If You Don't Mean It!

undependable people are some of the worst, especially when it's their idea to lend you a hand and end up bailing on you. why offer in the first place? a so called friend of more than 15 years offered to paint the apartment that me and my sister will be moving into. he knows that we can use all the help we can get with my sister being disabled and not able to do a whole lot herself. he started the job and was supposed to come back a few days ago to finish up before we move our things up there. we haven't seen him nor will he return our calls. so here we are, the kitchen half finished and no work has been done on the bedrooms or the bathrooms and we planned to have our things up there this week. with people like that, you really have to do something yourself if you want it to get done. i get so tired of people flaking out. unless you plan to keep your word, keep your mouth shut!

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unfortunately, it's not the first time i've seen this side of friendship but i'd like it to be the last. it would be nice if more people thought about how abandoing their promises affected others. my sister has arthritis, among other afflictions, and this guy knows that and knows how much having help means to her and to me. i just get tired of not being able to rely on those i thought i could.

I am sorry you experienced the worst side of friendship.......sad that many commit and then abandon the commitment without thinking of the consequences from the abandonment to those who were counting on the results

no elf, that's not the case at all. this is something he OFFERED to do, wanted to help me and my sister and said if he needed help, he had people that he could ask. matter of fact, when my sister suggested another friend of ours give him a hand, he protested, saying that he could handle it himself, wanted to do it by himself. seems to me that he didn't want to do it after all yet he didn't want anyone else to have the job. i don't understand people who shy away from making money and this guy could use the extra income.

Were you helping paint as well?<br />
If he offered to "help" maybe he thought you would be there to help as well.<br />
<br />
Just a thought

i won't let it bother me for life, but i get so tired of so called friends flaking out, bailing on me and not living up to the promises they made. he's not the first friend to do this but he'll be the last if i have anything to do with it. all i can do is try my best to be a better friend than my friends have been.

In the name of friendship people take advantage of our situation---they try to impress us somehow.But I would like to suggest you not to brood over it.You pray to God and wait ... there will be another one who will come and really help you this time.

yeah, it does suck to have friends bail out on you like that, especially when they volunteered so willingly to help. it's not like he was drafted for the job, he wanted to help, it was his own choice.

i don't like people that don't keep their word either. that really sucks that a so called friend did that to you.