The Most Annoying Thing.

I absolutely cannot stand unexpected guests.  It's this simple:  Call before you come, or we WILL be standing outside talking, until you realize you've intruded and decide to leave.

I had a friend back in high school.  When I first met her, I felt bad for her because it seemed she had no friends, even my friends were rude to her and judged her.  So I befriended her.  I was her only friend.  She got really clingy but I didn't think anything of it.  Well, I moved to another town.  One night she told me her boyfriend had driven in from where he lived and she wanted the three of us to go to dinner and a movie.  I was bored, so I agreed.

They picked me up and we had a fun night at dinner and just ended up driving around.  Flash forward several months and it was her graduation, she came to my house when I was out and left a note (did NOt call) to invite me to her party.  I ended up going because after all, I was her only friend.  Then I was out of town for the summer.  My cell phone didn't work in the state I was in, so I wasn't getting her calls and texts.  She showed up to my house and left a card saying how I was her only friend and she really didn't want to lose me.  I thought that was normal because any concerned friend would come looking if she hadn't heard from me in awhile.

Well, about two days after I got home, I was in no shape for company and she showed up banging on my door.  I told my mom to tell her I was gone still, because I didn't feel like company and I was kind of annoyed that she was stopping by a second time (my mom told her that she would have me call her when I returned, which I was fully intent on, just hadn't had time).  So, we talked over the months via text messaging, every now and then.  The friendship kind of tapered off because she moved up to the town her boyfriend lived in. 

On halloween night that year I went out trick or treating with my brothers, I returned home at 9PM to a car in the driveway.  When I got out of the van I was in, my friend climbed out of the car and her boyfriend came out of the driver's side and I realized it was his car.  At this point I was exhausted and dirty.  It was a school night, and I really wanted to just go get into bed.  As soon as she told me she just wanted to stop by and talk, I told her that I really was tired.  Then they kept asking me to invite them in.  I shared a room with my sister and I knew she'd be asleep by then and I politely told them that I couldn't let them in.

They kept me outside for an hour and a half talking.  Finally they let me go inside because my feet were hurting so bad I could hardly stand.  The next day after school she texted me to inform me that she was at my school to "pick me up".  That freaked me out.

Long story short, we're no longer friends.  We haven't talked since that day.

I have another friend who I love, but she would also have her boyfriend drive her to my house.  At the most horrible times.  One day I was laying my brothers down for a nap and they WALKED IN MY HOUSE!!!  That's a big no no.  I was ignoring the banging on the door, and next thing I heard my kitchen door open and her calling my name.  My house was destroyed.  I was so emabarrassed, I didn't even have a bra on.  Which her boyfriend took pleasure staring the whole time.  

From now on, I keep my doors locked during the day.

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I forgot to mention that the halloween night when the "psycho" friend stopped by, they sat in my driveway for TWO hours waiting on me to get home. She knocked on my door and my mom told her I was out, my mom thought she left and went about her business. What my mom didn't know was that her and her bf were sitting in our driveway the whole time.