Misunderstood and Unanswered

Never knowing whom to turn too to trust about what I went through as a child and now I am having to help my daughter through Sexual Abuse. It is a very long and hard road for me at the moment as I have been there for her every step of the way. She is that fragile that I have to keep on reassuring her that she is safe as well as telling myself that I am safe. We are both like fragile flowers that will break if we are pushed too far.

No one seems to listen to our pleads for help, let alone that they understand what we are going through. It is so frustrating.

I have lived with this since I was very young and to be told that it was all in my head is such a joke. Naturally I went off the deep end and it hurt me that much that I crumbled deep down inside.

After finding out about what my daughter went through I crumbled like a castle being blown up. It is taking a very long time for me to get over this and I might never will.

fantasia098 fantasia098
31-35, F
Mar 17, 2009