It Actually Seems As If Nvq's Are More Valuable

Going through jobs websites. it's amazing to see how many jobs require you to have an " NQV or similar in this" "NCSE or equivalent in that". I got to thinking maybe they're more valuable skills wise, especially in particular professions such as teaching assistants and nursing care. There's no mention of the value of degrees because it seems all a degree teaches is that you can read a book and recite someone else's ideas with the correct citation.

Personally, i'd happily quit uni, but it's so diffficult now, you still need to pay off your fee if you leave halfway though the year, and your accommodation costs. Rediculous!

I'd much rather get a full time job, use that money to study what i love most at home or at a small college where i can go at my own pace and time. And then do what i want to do, without the ties of extreme deadlines, where the word " FAIL" is branded upon you , and you can explore whatever the world has to offer.
Bethiela Bethiela
18-21, F
Jan 12, 2013