I Can't Stand Unreasonable People

I've met quite a few unreasonable people in my life. My general description of unreasonable behavior is when someone is so set against anyone else's input that they go beyond reason to keep their stance.

I have to admit that when I feel that I am right about something, I can sound as if I'm not willing to listen to another side or opinion, but I pride myself in always being willing to really hear another approach. Many times when I hear someone else's point of view and it takes me by surprise because I just didn't think of things that way.

That's actually the greatest thing about sharing ideas (like here) is that everyone has had different experiences in their lives and certainly different perspectives. It's awesome to hear how other people's brains process things - especially when they are so different than your own.

I am a big fan of humor and comedy and I think I have a good grasp of what's generally funny. Sometimes when I'm telling my wife about some funny skit I had been writing or a humorous story idea, she knocks my socks off with a great zinger or another perspective of the idea that takes it into the stratosphere. It's awesome!

So, unreasonable people **** me off. That's the bottom line.
SpringForward2k8 SpringForward2k8
41-45, M
Jun 11, 2007