I came to Utah from Colorado for graduate school with the idea that I would eventually live here after school. Boy was I wrong, I absolutely Hate This State. I have never seen a more xenophobic, homophobic, conformist, sexist, religious, and conservative population in my life. They condescend to women and treat children like **** (I literally had an argument with someone about how it's Their Business if they beat their kids, and everyone else in the room supported him). I've intervened in two domestic violence incidents since moving here. The entire place shuts down on Sunday and it's impossible to get anything done. If you are gay or bi (i'm borderline bi) your only options are to leave or hide. The LDS church has a stranglehold over the population and is essentially a lawmaking body that can bully the city governments into compliance. Oh, and women wear skirts and you should expect about two or three visits from "missionaries" a year. Can't wait till school is over. At least they have an excellent business school.
Dajokn Dajokn
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1 Response Aug 29, 2014

I hate living in Utah. It is the worst state in the US for women and minorities. The treatment of women and minorities is so bad, I don't know how there has been no national outcry. The child abuse is so serious, it is jaw dropping and it is a constant. I am continually stunned that the general population struggles with very simple ethics questions. There appears to be more agreement for human rights abuses than there is concern for children; it is out of this world how badly some of them treat kids. I have dealt with people threatening to kill me for reporting, constant sexual harassment, constant racial harassment, ect.