Why I Hate Life In Utah

I've lived here for 48 of my 50 years now, and while that in itself is enough to certify me as a crazy person, it's still true that living here is a daily chore and makes me wish I was dead.   If I had enough money I'd be outta here so fast.   The people are nuts, myself included.....but especially those @#$# damn mormons with their ultra conservative views about everything.  It's so predictable how they'll respond to everything that there's no need for news coverage of their reactions, yet all the news is about how the mormons react to what is going on in Washington or the world.  Since it's always an extremist and negative reaction, what is the point??   Also, I don't know who said winter here lasts 6 months but that is totally inaccurate...our winter weather usually starts in late Oct or early November and lasts until the first part of June.  Yes winter is actually 8 months long here -- it's April 9th today and another snow storm is moving in.  When we do get good weather, it's so windy you can't enjoy it anyway and then it's suddenly 110 degrees every day.  The legislators here have to be the dumbest bunch of peckerheads ever to come along.  And don't even get me started about Utah drivers, the dumb bastards -- every one of them SUCKS at driving.  If you're a pedestrian, God help you because you're taking your life in your hands.  Utah drivers stop for nothing, not even their own kids, they're always running down their kids with their SUVs (another news story today about someone running their own kids over in their driveway!  This is like the 30th time this month alone).  On top of that they're now talking about hosting the Republican convention in a couple of years -- sheesh, the idiocy never ends!   What a pack of morons.  This state sucks mud!!!!!!!

tigerprince tigerprince
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1 Response Apr 9, 2010

I ahte living i utah too and agree with you on many things, but to blame it on the mormons is so played out in Utah. I Love how you describe it being more of a chore than living because that is exactly how i feel and many of my friends who arent from here like myself feel the same way. Good luck to you. I had to walk home today from wal mart to hyde park here in cold *** Cache Valley and i thought i was going to die. It is only like 8 degrees here and it's not even the end of november WTF? It's like 15 degrees colder in Logan than Salt lake right now and it's sad that i would miss salt lake but compared to Logan SLC is paradise. Cache Valley is the coldest little wasteland of a village and i hate it. I'm from Portland Oregon where everyone knows how to drive and it rarely snows. I miss it so much and i cant wait to move back there or back to phoenix where it's like 80 degrees in november. Utah sucks and Cache Valley sucks the most out of any other location in Utah, My advice to anyone is to not move to Utah and moreover don't move to Cache Valley if you do move to Utah unless you are a freaking pyscho and love freezing deadly temps and love the snow and short *** summers. Oh God how didi end up here?