Sad Little Boy

 I've always hated Valentine's day.  Even when I was little, because for some reason no one every gave me anything.  Not a hug, not even one of those stupid little cards kids make for each other.  I know I wasn't the nicest kid in the world, but that stuff hurts.  Having to make one of those little decorative bags for the valentines I'd never get.  Even then I was interested in arts and crafts, so I'd put a lot of effort into making them pretty for some reason.

I don't normally dwell on things that made me sad when I was little, but holidays always bring back painful memories that I don't think about any other time of year.  It used to be that Valentine's day made me feel bad for being single, now really it's just more because I remember how I felt back then.  As much as I've grown and changed, I'm reminded of how little my depression has progressed.  That sad little Jelle inside still hasn't gotten much better.  At least spring break is coming up soon...

AppleJelle AppleJelle
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1 Response Feb 14, 2009

It really is a horrid day. Hope things get better soon <br />
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:)<br />
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Carpe Diem.