I Have a Good Reason

I find Valentine's Day to be a pointless holiday. In my opinion, you should love and care about people everyday and therefore you should them that everyday. If you live like that then why do you need a day for it? The other one which I finally realised is that in many cases the "love" that people celebrate is a lie. I've got a friend who is about to be dumped because the guy wanted to wait until after Valentine's Day so he didn't look like an ***. It's just rediculous.

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2009

I hate this holiday because I'm always alone on that day my youngest and oldest siblings and my parents go out that night leaving me behind as usual and I always have to take a medicene that will sedate me because bad memories of the past valentines day always get in my head and then the one feeling that fuels my body which is anger gets in me and I would stay like that for hours until I finally cool down and in the afternoon while Im taking a walk I see all these couples walking past me and then I start to get frustrated.I havent had a girlfriend for nine years and Im so sick of being all alone.And if my cousin starts joking about me being single I doubt he knows this about me but if Im pissed off I have no tollerance for his jokes.

I think your right but my bf takes it seriously and it drives me mad he got upset last night cos I feel asleep during dinner I couldn't help it I'm on new meds and they put me to sleep.