Valentines Day Mishaps

I've always hated Valentines Day. I've never had a good one. One Valentines Day my husband got me some candy and a stuffed animal. When my little girl saw him giving this to me she cried. She was upset that she didn't get anything from her daddy. "You love mommy more than me." She said in a little voice to him. He now knows better. On Valentines day he has two girls to buy for. The worst Valentines Day ever was one year when my husband asked me to go out on his boat with him. I thought sure it would be a nice relaxing time on the water. But that's not what I got. It had turned cold that day. The sun was not out. And the boat broke down. We were in the middle of nowhere and it was getting dark and cold. Then it began to rain. I got soaking wet. By some miracle he got the boat started and we raced back for dry land. Thank god we didn't have to paddle back or we'd still be out there. I was freezing my *** off, I was soaking wet, and all my muscles ached from the cold. Then he had the nerve to ask me if I had a good time. Let's just say he didn't get any that night.

HurricaneLeia HurricaneLeia
26-30, F
Feb 15, 2009