Absolute Worst!

I haven't had a good valentines day ever! i may be a bit young (20) but atleast one good V-Day would've been nice. I guess I attract douche bag guys. I hate Valentines Day and I believe its the most pointless day of the year. Every year someone has candy or balloons or flowers delivered to them and I have to sit there and watch. I get sad around this time of year every time because my first love broke up with me just days before Valentines Day and it hurts me so bad. And ever since then, every guy that I've been with has broken up with weeks or atleast a month before Valentines Day. So instead of getting my hopes up, I'm just going to not expect a Valentine anymore since it doesn't work out...love sucks! I hate valentines day

colourfulartist colourfulartist
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1 Response Feb 13, 2010

It's called the St. Valentines day massacre in my book. ;)