Hate It!

I think it absolutely stupid that people need a day to remind them to tell the ones they love how they feel!!! People should be doing this on a regular basis, The only people who really benefit from this day are Hallmark, Florists, and Candy companies... If you love someone have the guts to say it often and with pride don't wait for one day in the year to do it!!

GreenEyedGrl GreenEyedGrl
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3 Responses Feb 14, 2010

agreed I wish they never made up this stupid day one because Ive never had a girlfriend to have on that day but anyways if I had a girlfriend I wouldnt need that day to remind me how much I love her and how much she means to me thats if I had a girlfriend Ive been a single guy for nearly a decade now and still looking.Even though Ive been single for nine years thats not gonna stop me from looking for a girlfriend it just hurts thats all.But Im not gonna give up just stay confident and keep my head up.

you could not have been more clear... :)

I agree--I don't need a day to tell my special person how I feel--but it is nice to do that--do unto others as you wish they would do unto you" that's what I live by--make someone feel good--feel loved--wanted.