Imitating Evil ?

I really wonder what is all this recent craziness about wanting to be a vampire all about ? My best friend is totally obssesed with vampires and have the twitlight books and everything but yet she didnt know where the story came from . I had to explain to her about vlad dracula , his evil doings and tortures the huneadora castle , the medallion , ect and she still said to me that that is why she love them , i mean what the hell is wrong with people who go around trying to be like someone who was a damn psychopath pathetic abusive person ? It makes me think that the instict of killing and taking something precious (like blood) from someone is waiting to be released from (the worst cases) of vamp wannabes but they wont do it in the fear of getting caught by the law so the only consolation is to repeatly repeat to themselves and everyone that they are one . Yes i know i sound like an extremist but as the years go by , i see more and more of this stuff and its getting kinda scary and im feeling suspicous of the media motives of promoting this

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