Vegetables Are Gross

The only vegetables I ever eat are potatoes. Even then, they have to be either deep-fried or mashed with butter and covered with gravy. I know the health freaks say we should have 5 servings a day but I don't eat that in a month.
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I hate vegetables too! I only eat potatoes, either fried, mashed with lots of butter or baked and smothered in sour cream. Why anyone would waste their appetite on veggies is beyond me.

Remember, vegetables aren't food. It's what food eats!

Yeah, a growing girl doesn't need to listen to those health nuts. You sound so perfect and like a total babe!

French fries and chips all the way!

I suppose technically I also eat "corn"--only when it's popcorn and slathered with butter~

There's no point in eating it without butter and salt.

True enough. I love the pour-over butter popcorn, I could scarf that down all day!


A lot of starchy foods make me sleepy, LOL! I like veggies but yeah, you can't really gain with veggies. I like to eat foods that help with weight gain and eat veggies to help things move along out of my system. Vitamins help also ;)

I totally agree with you here! I wish fruits and vegetables were never invented and everything we eat would be deep fried or full of starchy and calories.

That would be great. If it's isn't deep fried and/or full of calories, I don't want to eat it.

My favorites are french fries and onion rings.

French fries and onion rings are good vegetables.

Potatoes are not a vegetable.

What do you mean?

They aren\'t meat or alternates, grain, dairy or fruit so I think vegetable is the only thing left.

You\'re right!

They are a technical starch

That is true! Which probably explains why I enjoy them! ;-)

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