Every vegetable that doesn't taste like concentrated vomit tastes like the ground. Many also taste EXACTLY like grass. Go out into your yard and pick some blades of grass. Eat them. If you eat any green leafy vegetables it will taste familiar. But nobody eats grass, do they? No. Nobody except that weird kid you went to kindergarten with who always fed his medication to the class pet. 

How can people eat them? You know you're supposed to have 5 servings of vegetables a day? Do you know how much that is? Go and get 5 servings of vegetables and put them on the desk in front of you. It looks like more food that I could eat in TWO sittings. There is no way that I will ever eat that many vegetables in one day. What a ridiculous concept.

I can't believe it's 2008 and nobody has invented a tasteless 'equal to 5 servings of vegetables" pill I can just take so that I can go eat something that doesn't make we want to rinse my mouth out with bleach.

Squeak Squeak
Oct 10, 2008