I Reaaaaaaallllyy Wish That I Could Just Smash Them With My Bat!

My brother is lazy because of them. And my husband is just about there! I can't stand how we can't do anything together because his buddies want to play that damn game. Or that he can't respond to my texts because he is youtubbing game tips or that he ditches me for a game the ends up playing three and I'm waiting on him. It's just so ******* ridiculous!!! :'(
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My marriage ended due to these ******* things and now my relationship of 3 years . He was like i don,t play in the beginning then 3 months unto it here we go now 3 years later were doing week long marathons when a anew game comes out. grrrrrrrrr >:(

Well, you don't seem to understand that it's just a interest. If he were in a team of football where he were out play 5 times a week with his friends and didn't respond to your texts then, would you be as upset?

Break up with him dumbass. Are you a ******* slave or something? Sweet jesus figure it out

ughh its sooo annoying!

unless you are going through it there is no way to understand. My husband is a lazy **** and all he does all day and night is play stupid risiculous games. He has more of a relationship with them than with me. I'm so sick of it. I wish I could break his stupid game system. We got a nice flat scren that is for his PS3 bc I never get to watch. We got a computer bc I need it to do work and it ha become his new game system. I've used it a total of for 20 when I was setting it up and he hasn't let up on it since. I'm too busy to play games. He should get a job!!! But sice school is so hard (Im in graduate school for chemisty and he just started communit college!) he needs time to study....which translates to him playing video games!! I am just so sick of it!


here's a thought instead of hating games why don't you find some you like and play them