It All Started With An A...

last year i met a boy.
his name is Adryan.
Adryan quickly became very close to me.
he was there for me when my boyfriend and i broke up in october.
i really liked him!
we started "dealing" just before christmas.
as the christmas break progressed we grew appart
why did we grow appart?
video games
he got his Live account back and i got put on the back burner
well geuss what buddy! a pot left on the burner to long makes a mess!
 new years day i had enough of being ignored and pushed away so i sent him a letter explaining my feelings about how we shouldnt be more than friends
thats when the shittyness insued.
after two days of fighting he was made very awear that i was upset and tirred of him ignoring me
not only that but im tirred of explaining things to him for him to not listen to me
i told him if he was going to get his WOW account back our friendship would be of the first to dwindle
he didnt listen!
he went out and got cata january 2nd!
i told him
i told him he'd lose me but he didnt care
i dont mean enough to him for him to listen to me
so now not only did he slap me in the face -figuratively of course
we are barely talking.
so i geuss it started with an A and ended with a W

i geuss what im trying to say is video games are relationship killers.
no good comes from playing them
u cannot get a job in playing them
u cannot get through life hiding behind an online character
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5 Responses Jan 3, 2011

Um, why did u date such a faguette (no offence to gay guys) in the first place. Hint: If the guy started talking about video games around you, you know the guy is gay for that crap....I wonder why women don't go for guys who aren't your stereotypical white hipster who is gay for video games and overpriced Starbucks Cappuccinos instead of guys who know their limits and got their lives in check who actually pays for their own shet and cares for themselves! You might as well date a real fruity gay guy instead.....Like I understand that this "Hipster" trend is in, but it is gay as hell! ipads and smart phones are literally now not devices that real men use (gay or straight) in the workplace. Instead pedo-bear hipsters in cafes use them to seem "in" very in the gay side of life.....Also, who came up with MLG, some Asian kids who sucked in almost every real life sport during the 80's and 90's who then funded bullshit games that can be manipulated with built-in back doors to even the score (aka to compensate for a small penor) ? Guess two Atomic bombs wern't enough to knock the lil cuntes out of them.. Like srs, I rather see guys my age today be packin' gun ranges with real guns honing their real life accuracy with a firearm (one that can save their life or the life of others) rather than waste the same amount of money on some 1s and 0s on CoD which would be obsolete in 5 years and make you no better at any real life skill. Honestly, when will anyone of these dweebs ever go to war in real life, also, I bet they would flinch while firing a real rifle as the sounds in the games are dimmed down to prevent deafness..... like to hell with gun regulations, these hipsters need to be gassed and oven burned...

Ha! This is funny ****..Also monstrosity 's story is funny

It happens, but you can move. Tho people should play video games and online games once in a while, not all the time, but that was his mistake.

Video games killed my relationship with a girl I loved so much.<br />
I lacked self control. I put games first then her second. D:<br />
By the time I gave up video games, she was long gone...

Well, that sounded like you two weren't really in a relationship and he wasn't that much into you. I don't think this has anything to do with video games, he just didn't like you. Jeez, stop blaming stuff and find someone else.