How Devastating It Is When You've Wasted The Past......

.....No lie. When I was younger I had a very strong computer game addiction. It lasted a long time too, about 13 years. I look back now and realise I wasn't a real person. I lived in a gaming world and not in the real world. I didn't have many friends, a social life, etc. I was like that until I was 20 years of age. Then something happened. Something good. Destiny. I experienced something which has the power to change a person (any person) forever in 1 moment.......Human Love.......Everything changed in my life. I was now coming into the real world as a real person. I liked it too, infact I loved it. At some point in the euphoria of Personal Growth I knew it was time to stop gaming, and stop for good. Why? Because I realised what I had missed. That was living. So feeling anger, frustration and a bunch of other emotions I got rid of ALL my games. I sold a few. The rest I put in a bag and threw into a field!! 

4 months passed. Then I made a HUGE mistake which was so stupid! Whilst at my friends house I let down my guard and played a game for half an hour. That was all it took. The next 3 days I felt craving for games. That uncomfortable feeling of hunger....Luckily I'm strong and have experienced much worse adversity than that. I'll never give in to the hunger......NEVER. If I do, I'll know the games control me. 

It feels good to talk about my feelings, so Thankyou for reading.  

Bet you've never heard of a 21yr old yet to have their first kiss?? Lol. I guess I have alot of great things to experience for the first time.

P.S. Godbless Athletics, my saviour. 

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i liked ur story bro

videogames prevent people from stablishing contact with their own bodies (di u see Wall E?), a contact that many cultures deem as sacred. In our society, this contact often takes the shape of love to some particular sport. Opposite to vgs, sports are good for health and mind.