Fear Is What I Feel.......

~ Each generation is getting worse. We are becoming more violent at earlier ages. Our children are killing each other! How is this possible? Why are we not learning? Violence doesn't solve anything. All it does is continue a cycle that needs to stop. ~

* Everytime I hear raised voices, I cringe with fear. When I see a movie that shows a large amount of violence, I shake with fright. I watch kids play video games in the malls & can't believe the bloodlust in some of their eyes.... It scares me the most, our children are becoming completely desensitized to violence. We need to do something, before the damage is so far gone that nothing can make it better........................ *

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2 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Violence in movies and video games does not make people violent. It's hatred for one another that we've developed. Things like love are no longer in practice as they use to be. I believe it's more the parents fault and the economies fault than anything else. Because parents don't spend more time with their children, loving their children, playing with their children. So the children grow up not knowing what love is, and often confuse it with lust and other things. This is due to the fact that most parents have to both work now instead of one staying home with the children and taking care of them like they need. It saddens my heart, but it's a reality we must face.

i think it has a lot to do with parents not supervising thier kids.letting them watch violent tv,hang out with the wroung kids.and listen to violent music