Why do we kill? I know the answer. We kill for stuff. Stuff like our belongings, our lives or our countries. We do not want to lose what we worked so hard to get. We use death to protect what we have; what we rightfully earned!
Why do we kill? Why can we not give up our earthly belongings? We can't bare to think of losing these things. What about our families?! We have to kill to protect our families! For our country! For our religion!
But why do we kill? Do we have to turn to death? What would happen if we loved our enemies instead of killing them? We are afraid they will kill us and take our stuff. What would happen if we prayed instead of shooting? Praying doesn't solve everything. Can we forgive them for doing wrong to us? Can we die, instead of kill, for our families? For our God? For them?
Let me share a story, an experience. Once upon a time there was a group of American citizens. These citizens stood out because their skin was black instead of white. These citizens were barely citizens. They were bullied and separated. One day they decided to protect themselves and stand up so their families could live together in peace with the white citizens. They did not go to guns. They spoke. They informed. Some even died. But in the end they became desegregated and America got a little closer to being the land of the free and home of the brave.
Why do we kill?
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Is there something wrong with it that no one can post here. I thought plenty of people would respond, but no, everyone just looks at it and move on. That is not what I want from this. I want people to realize it and knock it off. To do that you need to talk to each other and communicate. Not looking for attention, looking for change.

Yeah I suppose I'm a little impatient