Vonage Lies!

I switched to Vonage back in June because of the high prices of verizon. They said ya it works fine there, well it didn't. A month later I went to cancel they extended the thirty day to 15 days longer to make sure it wasn't a fluck. Still didn't work! So got a hold of verizon to switch back they said not to call vonage and cancel if I wanted to keep my number.( Remind you vonage said the same thing when I switched from verizon to vonage.) So I didn't call. My verizon was installed the other day and I noticed that the Vonage thing was still active. So I called Vonage and they said because I didn't call them my account was still active and now I'm past the money back guarantee and have to pa y a cancellation amount of $ 126.58. I argued with them  and said my request was put in during the right time frame but Because I didn't call them it wasn't canceled! My response was " When someone tells you not to because you'll lose your number, you don't do it. Vonage had told me the same thing when I switch from verizon to them and there were no problems. I believe its just another way to get money out of people. I don't recommend them to anyone. I also explained to them if they wanted future business from me if I should move to an area which there service would work  I don't think they should charge me. They don't care! So I won't  recommend them to any family and friends and talk to to people who have them about how crappy they are. Plus if they want my money they'll get $1 at a time!
Strksmel Strksmel
1 Response Jul 29, 2010

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