Vonage dishonest advertising/underhanded

decided to get Vonage VoIP service because it's cheaper than a regular landline phone and supposedly offers better service. So I call my DSL company to see if Vonage was compatible and the rep said yes and I called Vonage and asked THAT rep if Vonage was compatible with my DSL and he also said yes and a bit more adament than the DSL rep. It turned out that BOTH reps were wrong and should have just said that they were unsure because I had trouble with the audio from day one to day 5 after several attempts trying to correct the problem, and since the Vonage phone didn't work, I had to use my cell phone which cost me minutes. On day 5 I'd had enough and I called Vonage to cancel the service.  This was a 30 day free trial period.  The rep was insisting that I keep the service and wanted to transfer me to tech support and I told her no, that my DSL was incompatible and I needed to cancel. A minute or two goes by and she comes back on and tells me that she has cancelled my service and had charged my account $39.99. I was like what? What are you talking about this is a 30 day free trial and she informs me that there is an automatic fee if a contract is cancelled and that it would be refunded when the equipment is returned.  The rep should have told me about this fee BEFORE she charged my account because she sent my brand new checking account into overdraft, took all of my available funds, and the bank charged me with a $32.00 overdraft fee.  IF she'd said "should you cancel your service at this time there is a charge of $39.99" I would have said that I wanted to WAIT before cancelling! I had 25 additional days in which to cancel this service.  Because of underhanded action this rep has messed up my bank account, stressed me out, and took what little money that I had.  I have a STRONG disregard for Vonage and how it handles it business.  I reported this incident to the better business bureau and discovered that Vonage has had almost 4,000 complaints against it in the last two years!! 4,000!!!!  That's a lot of complaints!  Well they can add one more to that list. I am also filing a complaint with the FCC.  I expect Vonage to refund every dime that it cost me including the bank fee because it shouldn't have happened.  I do not recommend anyone use Vonage services as they are sneaky and dishonest.
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Same thing happened to me with vonage except for the overdraft on my account. Hate their tv commercials. Very obvious they are a company based in india

I had the same experience with Vonage there so called NO CONTRACT. This company sucks and anyone who trys there service is going to sign up for two yrs on there NO CONTRACT.

has been with Vonage since April 10, 2010. I came to this company thinking it had no contract issued and would be less expence for me as a single mother working alone to support my kids. My plan was $14.99 a month and pay $22 for the first six months, but the second month they changed it to $25.99 thats putting me in more exspence that i was not awear of. since i've been with vonage my phone sevices has been horrible. Example my phone is very bad in connection wise; when i make outgoing calls the other person can hardly hear me, and my incoming calls everyone says my phone cuts up to much. No matter if I call and complain to costomer services they would try to help by reshooting the box it would work for 2 hours the most and then go back to the bad connection. So i called to cancle my services October 19,2010 and they told me i had a 1 year commitment contract and to cancle i had to pay $135 and i never gave my concent about any contract. The person i spoke to said they would reshoot my box and if it didn't work they would cancle the fee of $135 they were going to charge me. If it was that why am i getting charged the $135? did not know i had a 1 year contract with vonage and why i have to pay this $135 fee to cancle my services with you vonage????????????

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I was in a similar situation, until we switched the whole office to UniaTelecom VOIP service. Definitely an alternative to Vonage, plus better customer service and no hidden fees. As a business owner I would recommend them. I think this is their site http: www.uniatelecom.com