You're Wasting My Life.

I am for the most part a pretty patient person, in fact probably more than most.  But lately waiting on people has been driving me absolutely INSANE!

I am a compulsively early person.  If I tell you I'll be there at 7 I will usually show up five minutes early... or at 7, but never a minute later!!  If I make plan's, and something changes, I will let you know as soon as I do what's going on.  I NEVER leave people waiting, and I hate when they do it to me.  

I find lately that EVERYBODY seems to be late.  Maybe people are busier these day's, and it's harder to keep track of appointment's and busy schedules, but I don't think it's a good excuse at all.  

Come On People!!! Have respect for other people's time! When you are late you are saying to the person "my time is more important than yours"... and that is about the most disrespectful thing you can do.  

Honestly if somebody's late and they call me and say "hey I'm sorry, I'll be another ten minutes", then at least I know I have ten minutes.  Or if somebody calls and says "I know I said I'll be there at seven but I won't be able to get there for sure until eight o'clock"... then I know I have an extra hour.... Even if it's last minute, it doesn't leave me waiting.  

People really have No excuse in a world that is so connected.  With cell phones, and text messages, ... it is always possible to stay connected... and at the times where it isn't, then you have a possible excuse... if you have a good track record.  

But why people are so ignorant about being on time really floor's me.. and I think if you ask any body else who, like me, makes sure to be on time... lateness is one of the more annoying qualities a person can poses.  

So I am asking all of you late people out there to Please from now on be more courteous of other people's time and have good time management, be honest, keep people posted.... it's really not that hard.  Just think if the shoe was on the other foot.  

annalea annalea
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2 Responses Mar 14, 2009

So glad you wrote that annalea...I noticed it more lately as well...People actually being days late,..hours late,...and at times weeks or months late!!!...My EX housemate is the worst for it...<br />
Once again i got everything ready,..and basically kept busy,while waiting...ALL DAY...<br />
No text, show,..Theres never any "sorry" and if i bring it up as an issue,..all they will do is argue and try to make it my fault...We were meant to do the 4 hours work for the rent,.which yes,was always "late"...and/or "non-existant".<br />
Thats why i shipped them out...Apart from various other displays of their over-valued self,.and disrespect for others, was the "late" and "broken promises" that really did it..<br />
It not only puts them in front,..but it puts you behind,or on edge,or on the wrong foot.<br />
Congratulations to you...You are pretty,.and patient...and have a conscience.

Oh, but the thing is, if you're late you almost never have to wait for the other person. It's a useful strategy. Though I have to say, I really can't stand people who run an hour or two late all the time, I have relatives who are like that and it drives me up the wall.