I don't like it, but i actually have to, 5 days a week for work.

The other 2 days i quite enjoy waking up early and just doing my own thing.

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I've been getting up early for about 25 years-since becoming a mother-get up get day going so I could enjoy my evenings with my kids--now--they're grown-I still get up a little early-usually by 6 now-even on weekends-do my own thing-always have!

yeah, there is that ...

Sure is :) Except when you are supposed to be doing something else :S

whoot! sleeping in is the best

Haha. Since i found EP, iv'e been staying up too late and then sleeping through most of my days off.

wow.. when i worked early there was no waking up on my days off...<br />
<br />
that was taboo ;-)<br />
<br />
I'm glad you get a chance to enjoy the days though

Yeah fh. I get to see the sunrise and hear the dawn chorus every work day. It's nice and peaceful at that time of the morning. I have been known to lie in till sunset at the weekends though. Guess that's why they go so quickly :S

Yeah. Work sucks does'nt it? Seems like a waste of time. I mean, if i was getting richer and my life was getting better, i could handle it. But, i just seem to be constantly lining someone elses pocket and getting nowhere.

I know the feeling on this too OP!!! I dont mind getting up early on my days off. But, if it is work related....I hate it!!!