It Happens to Me Everytime.

i'll think that i have just fallen asleep, i really start to enjoy my sleep.. and then --BAM-- Animal Liberation Orchestra's "Girl, I Want To Lay You Down" blasts on the phone next to me. Yes, its 5:00 a.m. on any given weekday. But, no worries, if i have failed to awake from that first attempt to get me up and out of bed, there are always the 2 backup alarms in addition to my ipod hooked up to my stereo and a standard alarm clock on my nightstand. They are all set perfectly so that my pleasant, sleep-filled life is interrupted every 5-10 minutes until i wake up.

in addition, i have my best friend call me to ensure that i am awake and on time to pick her up so that we can both get to school.


yes, i'll wake up at (basically) the crack of dawn on weekends because, like a trained poodle, i'll be up early from being used to getting up so early 5 days out of the week. this is not something i ENJOY, however.

our damn school wont give us a parking lot, so our parking spots are very limited. anyone in our school of 4,000 or so students must compete over parking spots like we were commission-based retail associates in a store where there are more cardigans than there are prospective customers that YEAR.


plus, half of these people get to school an hour early for whatever trivial bullshit they have to do, like study or be in jazz band or some crap like that, which means that i REALLY wont have any luck.. unless i get up earlier than any human being should be awake.

thanks, public education.
gruneaugen gruneaugen
18-21, F
Apr 1, 2007