My Relationship With My Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock: Morning sweety. It's time to get up and welcome in a brand new day!

Me: **** off! I hate the new day!

Alarm Clock: Nonsense! Think of all the places you can go, all the people you can meet! The world is your oyster!

Me: I hate you! You always held me back and lied to me!

Alarm Clock: Don't talk like that babe. You don't really mean it...

Me: I do and it's all your fault! You suffocate me!

Alarm Clock: All I want is for-

Me: But what about what I want?! I never loved you!

Alarm Clock: Well I settled for you, *****!

Me: ...I'm going to stay at my mothers for a few days!

Alarm Clock: Wait! Babe, I didn't mean it. I-

Me: Don't. You've said enough.
Meeoko Meeoko
18-21, F
May 22, 2012