Early Work :(

I have to wake up at 6:20 for work everyday. I hate it so much. My alarm actually goes off at 5:45 just to give myself enough time to try and drag my a$$ out of bed. And even though I know I have to get up so early Monday through Friday, I still stay up until at least 11 or 12 every night doing a manner of things online, but mostly just EP :)
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A "manner of things online" LOL

Yeah...just like you...p0rn :-o haha

I'll trade you jobs...I don't go in to work till 11:30 but I get home at 9pm or 10pm and I hate that plus I don't have two days off in a row and I hate that...LOL I'm job hunting at the moment..I'd like to at least have weekend off again or two days in a row. :)

What do you do that you start that late? And I would like to trade, but I put up with the hatred of waking up early to get off early. I wouldn't like to get off that late. In fact, I used to, and would still rather, work 6am to 2:30pm. That was awesome......and yes, you need two days off in a row. Although, I just worked OT today :( So just one day this week. But I get a long weekend next weekend. YAY!!!!

I work in a Doctors office..doing medical coding..answering phones, taking co pays..making appointments and a host of other stuff. The practice is open from 8am to 9pm..mon tue and wed and those days I go in at 11:30 to close and then after late night wed I turn around and have to be in at 8am on Thursday...and get only 4hrs sleep that night..I can't just go to bed early...soo..it suck but its a job for now. And I work 7hrs on Saturdays...they give me friday and Sunday off but I rather have two days in a row... I'm on vacation this week though... Not going anywhere no money paying student loans and if they call me I'm not going to answer that phone...I told them I'd be out of town...I can see them calling me to come in.....my boss is a workaholic and thinks everyone else should be too...from how she acts. anyhoo....I like your hours for sure....I got in the wrong line of work.

i have to wake up @ 6.15 for work everyday ..ie from monday through saturday, I still stay up until at least 11 to 12 every night doing a manner of things online, but mostly just EP. From tomorrow on wards will wake up @ 4.15 , so that i get some time to read :D

wow.....that be crazy.....Why would you need/want to read that badly???...

but EP does ROCK!!!! :)

to learn and improve :)

If I didn't get hurt and put on STD I wouldn't have met anyone here on EP. When working I was in bed by 8 your time. In a way it was a good thing.

STD????.... and it's true. I am so happy to be up late and chat with all you lovelies even if it means being tired for work :) i never want to leave her.....

Short term disability. Lol

so did you only find this place after you hurt yourself???...


well i'm glad you did ;) ;) :)

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I know the feeling. Every day, I convince myself I'm going to go to bed early. And every night when it's time for bed, I feel like I'm just waking up. So unfair! :)

Yeah I know. Like right now :) I should go to bed. But I haven't showered, I haven't packed my lunch for tomorrow and I'm still chatting on EP (but I love this place). Alas, I will be up all too soon and curse myself in the morning :P What time do you have to get up tomorrow???...

Luckily, I'm sort of on a mini-vacation at the moment (trust me - I deserve it), and I don't have to get up until 8. Normally, though, I'm up around 5 after only a few hours of sleep. And, like you, I wait until the last minute to take care of the necessities to get ready for the upcoming day.

You lucky lady you :) I will be up at 5:20 tomorrow :( So how did you manage to get this "mini-vacation"???... Cause I will be taking tips :P hahaha. And I totally agree with you, you deserve it......in fact, just take the rest of the month off too... ;)

I'm on a break from school, but I'm supposed to be working in another state during my break (long story). Anyway, I told my boss that I have a class this week so I could come here just to rest and have time to think. You have my permission to take tomorrow off work. :)

Why thank you bootiful :) Should I give you my bosses number just so you can give him a heads up???....it's 1-800-tellthattooltogethisassoutofbed....and yeah with I don't think either of us has the time for a long story right now. another day you can write me and let me know :) so what state are you living in? (i'm more just wondering what time zone you are in)...

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Yeah i know.. i wake at 6 every morning(even sundays) to do studies and spend most of my time with books.. my studies need me to do that else i might fail..

I agree with you. I'm not a morning person but have learned to deal with it when I have to. Lucky for me the scheduler of surgery is likes me so she is kind to me when it comes to putting me on the schedule for an operating room.

The worst part of the day is waking up....I agree. Life would be so much better if everything started an hour later.