In the morning I woke up at 5:30am [which I usually do] but unlike last week I wasn't hyper but infact tired. I got up and watched the japanese cartoons on my computer. I had to stop early, which I hate doing, because unfortunately I had to have my shower in the morning. When I was ready for school I decided to watch a little more cartoons, I was thrilled when I found out this was the episode I had been looking for, but that pure happiness suddenly died when my company for the walk to school arrived. I left for school... The walk to school was long and boring, as usual. My mate spent the whole time yabbering on about her latest drama, she has a new one everyday, and even though I am a fast walker she is not, which takes alot of patience. I ripped of a long green leaf a started whiping it through the air when it whipped my finger, leaving a cut. [That was just the start of the bad luck!!] Nothing much happened in the first three periods of school, except the occassional falling asleep, which has been happening lately. After third period, and a nap, I was stuck in detention for 10 whole minutes! Anyway, the classroom was so quiet until a loud shout came from the window. My friends had all lined up outside the window and were screaming out "Alana has detention!" Immediately the whole class turned around to look at me, I was so embarrassed but it was histerical and I was laughing so hard. Finally the teacher let me out and I ran straight to my lunch spot to yell at my mates, my classmates watched from the windows. My heart was racing... During the rest of unch my mates and myself ran around for a bit. My friend felt short so she jumped up on to a chair, and when I attempted it I fell short and sratched and bruised my leg. It still hurts.... Fourth period seemed so long, even though during most of it my eyes were half closed, bout when it finally ended I bolted for the back gate to meet my friends and head home. When I got there, the gate was locked and bolted and some guys were jumping it. I had decided to jump it too. I got to the top and over but not without alot of regret. During the down part I fell a bit and almost impailed myself, but luckily I just cut my wrist, my own souvinier. We managed to JUST make the lights and get to the railroad stairs. I began my daily race up the stairs with my friend, I LOVE STAIRS, when at the very top I slipped and fell, scratching the same legged I had injured earlier on.  The walk home was a yawner and when I got home I fell asleep through one of my favourite shows, only to awaken to find that my nan was here, and during my nap she and my dad had visited my dad's aunty in the hospital, another cancer realated issue in my family, she isn't going to make it. Because of my nap I had to go to bed earlier, I was heartbroken... That was my day of curses!!
singlemist singlemist
18-21, F
Jun 28, 2007