Early, Aha

I don't wake up early, when I was in school I had to be up at 5:30 and I would have to force myself to get some sleep around midnight...

I think I have insomnia, my usual bed time is 4 am (or when I can't stay awake I just want to drop), 6 or 7 am is late for me... Most days I'm up by noon... I "live the life of Riley" and it's awesome :P I am very blessed to not had to do anything unless I want to... Thank you Lord :D

But it would be kinda nice to sleep like a normal person...

I can stay up longer than anyone at any party, even the ones coked out or on e, usually cause I'm on it too and with my insomnia mixed in there  makes for atleast 30 or 40 hours up if not more :P :(     It sucks lol atleast I don't miss anything, unless I'm passed out cause I threw up every where and made a fool of my self

*giggles i'm something else aha :P 

TiPoupon TiPoupon
18-21, F
Dec 17, 2008