Case In Point

Today-not unlike other days, I should mention-I stumbled into the office only half-coherent.  Much of the time, I have the mortification of having to interact with folks while I'm in this state, all the while being aware that I still have impressions on my face from the bedding I was so rudely snatched from. 

I generally operate on autopilot, in some kind of semiaware state of consciousness, until about noon. 

This is not conducive to being productive in a world geared towards larks.  I even find myself covertly despising the people who are raring to come in the moment we open--How dare they have the good fortune-or lunacy, I'm not sure which-to, of their own volition, be up and exerting constructive, purposeful energy towards some, really any, goal?? 

That's all.

MsBiblio MsBiblio
26-30, F
Aug 10, 2007