Dreams are so beautiful are'nt they...remember the time you dreamt about you being together with you'r family,or the time you spent with you'r grandpa eventhough he's not with you in reality...i've had such wonderful dreams...the worst dream that i ever had as a kid was always the same,the falling down dreams and the dreams where im always being ignored.at the begining i was scared but once i got used to it,it was nothing at all.but that was 7 years ago.now im 17.

But the dream that i saw recently was so scary that it affected me alot.at the begining i really did'nt know that i acted different,but the people around me noticed it cristal clearly.it affected my grades in school,i was extreamly quiet,and seemed more depressed. well i just thought of sharing my dream with you.i had three dreams or i'd rather say nighmares in ONE WEEK...the fist one i saw was about me and my friends going on a trip(at that time the school was planning on taking us on a trip) and it was to see a waterfall. while we were swimming, my best friend drowned and i was the only one who noticed. i told my friend about the dream the very next day, and we decided not to go on the trip.the worst part was when i went to school the next day my friends told me that one guy in our class was almost about to drown.i was shocked! and me and my friend was really glad that we didn't go.

The second dream was worse! I saw my family and my best friend being stabbed to death right in front of my eyes and i wasn't ablle to move to help them out,i remember crying alot that day!

The third one affected me alot. ok so in this dream i was with my group of friends(again!) and we were standing on this narrow corriodor,sort of like in a hotel. there was a a box on top of a tiny table with 4 pieces of paper,one for each of us.we opened them up and my 3 friends had the same thing written on there paper it was written:YOUR GOING TO DIE ON TUESDAY.they looked sad and told me to open mine. it was written:PRAY AND RECITE YOU WILL BE SAFE.I was relieved. and then we had to enter seperate rooms,my friends went to their rooms,but soo as i entered mine i was thrown on to my bed and i felt like my soul being sucked out!! i was scared and the whole time i couldnt open my eyes and i was praying and crying at the same time. but when i finally woke up from that terrible dream i just couldn;t fall back to sleep.

The part i don't get is the pray and recite part,cause i belive im a religious peson and i pray 5 time and recite everyday at before going to bed. i feel like it's some sort of a sign,but i i don't understand?but after those 3 horrible dreams i didn't see any nightmares.
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this made me smile (not the stabbing part) but just that u have the courage to talk about ur dreams. im the type to get many nightmares, but isnt it odd how sometimes you forget all about it and it doesnt really seem to affect your day at all?

i didnt open up about it,like i've mentioned above,i was acting pretty weird and everyone noticed that...i never thought that a dream can affect someone so deeply,well now i know :) and yeah its funny how i remember each and everyone of my dreams....