They Take Your Soul In Exchange For a Crappy Paycheck

Why do the employees always look so miserable? Oh, wait, I think its because Wal-Mart turns their employees into zombie slaves. I think I heard the cashier's ankle chain clink when she moved to put my items in the bag. Can't be too sure though.

My best friend once worked for them. She was the most loud rambunctious person I knew. When, I went to visit her at work, she merely offered a meek "Hi." I asked her what was wrong and she said that she couldn't talk because "they" were watching her. I asked who were "they"? She nodded to the side where a large woman was standing at a podium watching the cashiers. I think I saw her with a cattle prod in her hand.

Avamia Avamia
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3 Responses Mar 20, 2009

Yea I think our souls are what feed the machine we call walmart. I should know I work for them. lol

You are right. My wife and I both used to work for wal-mart. Those people who used to be in their commercials seeming so happy and telling what a great place it is to work were actors and not real employees. It used to be a great place to work, but then Sam Walton died and the corporates took over. Its been a hell hole ever since.

You are completely right, my ex works for them and they have taken his soul. Lol luckly he is getting out at the end of the month but they are truly slave drivers...