Icy Sidewalks Again

Ginger and I went to a local sports bar to watch the football play-offs and we had a great time. While we were drinking and eating the weather change and everything was ice coated.  When we left the bar we discover that the car was encased with ice.  It took some time to get into it but cleaning the ice off the windows was tricky.  We were both slipping and sliding on the ice in our boots while laughing at each other’s attempt to scrape off the ice while maintaining our balance. 

I dropped Ginger off and headed home.  Once home I had to take my dog, Sadie out for her walk and it was quite late (after midnight). Once again the sidewalks were ice cover.  My boots didn’t help walking at all.  This time I switch to my riding boots and I did slip and slide.   I thought about putting on my ice skates to walk her and I know what you’re probably thinking; “How weird” or “Is that kinky or what” but I was thinking “If people roller blade or bike ride with their dogs, why not ice skate with them.”

Well to make a long story short, I didn’t fall at all which was an accomplishment in itself.  I did several times come close to going down.   Now I have to ask “Is it really weird to think about wearing skates when the sidewalks are ice cover and slick and impossible to walk on?” I know this sounds wacko and  I promise not to be offended by your response.

Debbie2100 Debbie2100
36-40, F
Jan 13, 2013