I Don't Shop There Anymore.

It seems to me that if we believe in people lifting themselves up, then we cannot support the companies that keep people down. I will not support Walmart by spending money there as long as they treat their employees so badly.  I guess I came to this site because I was curious who would post that they hated it but still shopped there.
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Walmart has no soul but it does have lots of dogfood for less than the other grocers around me so I go there because I have rescue dogs, but, I don't like it.

Walmart is just a reflection of new American business model.

You are so right... Here's the real story:<br />
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wiki isnt really the best source for credible information but as much as walmart isnt the best the fact that walmart is there and is making so much money means that they are being taxes in that town which in turn will actually slightly lower taxs just a little and help the town's government

Our tax dollars go towards putting in light systems, and plumbing and paving and well, the whole thing about them telling their future employees all about the joys of bilking welfare while working for them... We can't AFFORD to shop anywhere else. Even if we don't shop there, unless we don't have them in our towns and don't pay taxes, we ARE supporting wal-mart.<br />
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See?<br />
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I hated shopping at Walmart because prices are not lowered at all only on their grand opening they were, then everything sky rocketed, even the food items, it's not a supermarket it's a corperation where they don't care about their employees and that's really sad. In my opinion the owner that owns all these walmart stores he's just a greedy rich guy. Shoprite is the best place to shop for food items, thank god they have one left near us. When I looked at the food bill in walmart everything in food items came to $245.42 and sometimes $383.67 ridiculous prices! I'll never shop there for anything. and if I need anything in non food items, amazon is the place I go online.<br />
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I would be happy if another store comes in and puts walmart out of business, just like they came in and put Ames and alot of other good stores out of business.

There are a lot of people (as of late, myself included) that would be glad to have a job at Wal-Mart. And as far as them pushing mom-and-pops out of business, I'm sure it happens. But not where I live. The mom-and-pops were pretty much gone by then, thanks to the wonders of government, mostly. So Wal-Mart it is. I mostly go there for socks, anyways.

i don't mind shoping there as there are not very many places to shop in this little place i live in. the main grocery store and walmart is all there is. but i will have to tell you some things that happened to me i don't like and think walmart should see to it that it is done. i was getting the small one serveing grapefruit juices in their brand. the well known brand would work as well. all of a certain they stoped puting it on shelves. have tryed a many times to get them to put it back on. no luck. asking nicely to person in charge. giveing the bar code and anything i could do. this realy makes me upset. as i am shoping at walmart and don/t won't to go to two places to get everything i need. i hate this. i mean this is a walmart for crying out loud. what kind of walmart store is thi??? oh well, had to vent.

There are many reasons I feel I need to stop shopping there, but I can't say this is a big reason. There are so many places where employees are treated like crap. Everywhere you shop or eat, you don't know how the employees are treated.