Hate It But Have to

Unfortunately you almost have to go there because of how the WalMart corporation has destroyed the local economy.  They have driven small businesses out and make you dependent of them to sell what you need.  I wish they made it a law that they would have to disclose how many businesses they have destroyed.  Maybe then people would see what they are really about.  Sam is probably turning over in his grave knowing that WalMart stopped selling American and now are the primary outlet for China.
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2 Responses Jan 12, 2008

Our tax dollars go towards putting in light systems, and plumbing and paving and well, the whole thing about them telling their future employees all about the joys of bilking welfare while working for them... We can't AFFORD to shop anywhere else. Even if we don't shop there, unless we don't have them in our towns and don't pay taxes, we ARE supporting wal-mart.<br />
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See?<br />
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i feel bad for the small companys that get brushed aside when a walmart comes to town. but at the same time, i lived in a smaller town and the family owned store had ridiculous prices. i was thrilled when the walmart was built. i'm not too thrilled about how they treat their employees. but if everyone stopped shopping there those same employees would be out of a job. i look at all the the food i buy from the super walmart. and my groceries all state that they were distributed in america [not real sure what that means]. as for the household items i buy at walmart, i dont know where they come from. i'm gonna pay attention to that next time i'm shopping.