Alot Too Many

im suppose to be living a fairy tale,i have a BEAUTIFUL akridge and a nice school with hot boys and look gorgous for once in my life.
But theres a twist in the Cinderella story,i dont have Chantal or Hailey.At school theres cameras everywhere so i cant get away with anything,and every girl sneers at me because i am a hell of alot better looking than them and i dont dress like a ****(they actually dress like a hooker)and my landlords live next to me and their 14 yr old son is in love with me and hes bed room is next to mine(doplex)so when i cry i KNOW he can hear me cuz theres always a buzzing sound next door and everytime i cry it stops.
and every guy wants to talk to me when i dont want to talk,and my 'so called' friends ditch me all the time...
so is it a fairy tale or is it ''too good to be true''
i dont know,but i know god did this,i apreciate it but i wish they(chantal,hailey) were here or be at least happy as i am (kind of right now )please!
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Sep 24, 2011