I Hate It Even More When I Go With My Family.

Going shopping with my family. Goes kinda like this:
Me: Dad go get the toilet paper.-goes off to cover more ground-
Dad: Zechariah go get the toilet paper.-goes back to following me-
Zech: Gabriel go get the toilet paper. -then goes back to following me too-
Gab: -actually goes and get toilet paper-
Me: Thanks guys. Way to cover more ground.-_-
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2 Responses Sep 29, 2011

Down here, Wal Mart is not a shopping experience, it is a social event. I see everyone I know, it seems, when I go to Wal Mart. But, if you want to see something gut busting funny, google up the website called The People of Wal Mart. OMG!!!!! "Nuff said.

That's one of the reasons I STOPPED going to wal-mart, every time I was in there, I had to spot a face I did not wanna see in a million years.

This is why I prefer to shop alone.