Yeah, I Shop There

Much to my dismay, I shop at this dreaded store. Even if I go to the other markets I always end up at Wal Mart having to get something that the other stores sell for way too much.

The bad thing about shopping at WM is that I can never make it out of there with less than 100 bucks for food. Their prices aren't as low as you think they are. The lines are always too long and there are never enough cashiers. It's a good place to go for school supplies and things like that but for food? I don't think I am saving a single dime by shopping at WM over any other the other stores.  Plus, the WM in our area is always dirty, crowded and it's not organized sensibly. But when you go to the one in the next town where the wealthier people live, oh, it's so nice in there. It's clean and I don't have to run from one end of the store to another to get groceries and then pet food. I guess the regular average paid folks get the crappy store, unless you want to drive than 10 extra miles.

I will say this. WM deli makes a mean broccoli salad. It almost makes it worth coming to the store for.

nicoleal20 nicoleal20
46-50, F
Aug 4, 2008