They Cover Their A**es And Screw Their Employees When They Do Something Bad

I worked at my store for over 2 years. Everything was great til they decided to put a guy with us. They thought he was "managment" material. He sexually harrased us until we finally decided to turn him in. He had a total of 5 complaints against him, but yet they did nothing. They even showed him the complaints. Which then made him come a physically threaten us. Said was going to burn down houses and beat people til crippled. We had to work almost two months with him in the same area, when we finally called corporate. A week later he was fired and we was cleared out. One got fired for signing the wrong thing, other two(including me was charged with theft), they said we was stealing pictures(lol how funny). After a year of fighting them, which they never showed up in court it was dismissed. But come to find out my time to persue them in a lawsuit only lasted a year................they are such ********....I wish I could make them pay...did i mention I miscarried a baby when all that happened....almost lost house/// just for them to cover themselves...........I wish they would burn down
leann32 leann32
Jul 21, 2010