Walmart Is A Evil Business

Ive been lied to, pushed around and even fooled by them. They have told me that their employees that mean the most under customers, but thats a lie. (all of us are supposed to be equal...thats a load of bull right there.) The employees at our walmart dont mean crap the managers. All the managers walk around and treat us like were inferior. Some of us get good treatment, but others are on a social scale i suppose if you wanna call it something. I like my job, just some of the people i work with, and some customers get angry over small things. (like not being able to purchase alcohol after 1 am in the morning. I mean if your that desperate, find some elsewhere.) dont waste my time with " I carried it over here, and now i cant get it?!!?" or"cant you ring it up as something else?" walmart doesnt care about the employees, they try to brainwash you with bullcrap and then when you follow that bullcrap, you get yelled at for it... what a wally world.
taurus5390 taurus5390
18-21, F
Jul 26, 2010