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Hi Everyone,

I have the inside scoop...

I have too many stories about that place to mention even half of them. I'm not the only one in my family who hates them. My mom and brother (and his wife) all feel the same way. I recently pulled some information from Walmart's website and had to laugh. I added my own comments. See below:

Let’s start by taking a look at Walmart’s mission statement, direct from their website, along with a direct quote I found there from their founder to see if they are true to their mission and goals…

Walmart mission statement:
“Saving people money so they can have a better life.”  

"The secret of successful retailing is to give your customers what they want. And really, if you think about it from your point of view as a customer, you want everything: a wide assortment of good-quality merchandise; the lowest possible prices; guaranteed satisfaction with what you buy; friendly, knowledgeable service; convenient hours; free parking; a pleasant shopping experience."

- Sam Walton (1918-1992)

Now let's break it down (my comments will be in the parentheses):

  Give customers what they want (Cheap products with many harmful ingredients - in my opinion. I have the inside scoop - I've done resumes for many people over the past 18 years and some were high-ranking Walmart managers and some were managers from other companies who sell to Walmart. I've heard many times that these companies selling to Walmart have 2 production lines. The regular line and the Walmart one. They are forced to sell at such a cheap price to Walmart that they literally do thing much cheaper on the Walmart line - no wonder I spend most of my time returning items, and I don't even want to know what's in the items I use on my body. I did find out that the pharmaceuticals they import come from India - that's pretty scary! If people knew the truth about this, they probably wouldn't want these products.)

  Wide assortment of good quality merchandise (The good quality is questionable – see comment above. I know from my own experience that I spend many hours returning products that have broken or are inferior. Wide assortment may be true, but you just find something you like and then they stop carrying it. So I guess the assortment is so wide they can’t keep it all. Many people gripe about that – and the way they shuffle it all around to confuse you and make you wander until you find 10 other things you don’t need while search for the one you do.)

  Lowest possible prices (True, but remember, you get what you pay for – cheap stuff, and as stated in point 2, you spend a lot of time at the return counter.)

  Guaranteed satisfaction (I just called them and asked about their policy. You’re allowed 3 returns in 6 months with no receipt – so hang on to all those receipts! Unfortunately I – like many others – don’t hang on to all the receipts so I usually get screwed by them and so do many others.)

  Friendly / knowledgeable service (Then why can’t I EVER find ANYONE to help me when I’m in the store? Sad to say, but I have the phone number memorized and I use my cell phone to call the front desk from whatever aisle I’m in to ask for help. People around me who see this usually get a kick out of it and laugh because they know you have to resort to this measure to get any help. Often the receptionist who answers says she will send someone to my aisle - and I do hear her page them, but usually nobody shows up, even after I place a second call. And if they do show up, 9 times out of 10 they don’t know the answer to my question or they use the excuse, “I’m from another department and just filling in.” Also, although the doors to our Walmart are open 24/7 the department managers only work 7 AM to 4 AM – That’s the truth, I just called them and got it from the horse’s mouth before I wrote this. So unless you want to shop before you go to work - for those who work a 9 to 5 job - forget ever getting to talk to a department manager to get any help or answers! So from my humble opinion the service is neither friendly nor knowledgeable.)

  Convenient hours (Yes, much more convenient AT MIDNIGHT when you don’t have to wait in line! During the busy times – most of the day and evening – when everyone else is shopping, they don’t have enough cashiers and you have to wait in a long line. I still haven’t figured out why they have all those checkout lanes. Even on the busiest day of the year I have never seen all of the lines open at the same time.)

  Free parking (OOOOooooo, I hope they don’t start charging us to park there! although I wouldn't put it past them. Most other places offer free parking too so this is no advantage at all. I have a solution - read further to see how you can learn about it - and my solution is also free parking and free gas for your car!)

 Pleasant shopping experience (Not in the least. Considering all I’ve said above… the fact you can’t find what you want because they shuffle it all around and stop carrying your favorites, you can’t find help, you have to wait in long lines – not to mention if you don’t keep your eye on the screen at the checkout and have the prices memorized they will ream you... More than half the time the prices they have marked are NOT what they charge – I’d hate to think how much extra money they make by having people pick up something that’s supposed to be marked down but it rings up full price and the customer doesn't notice it or check. Whenever I bring it to their attention that the price is wrong they do give me credit but they also just blow it off saying, “Oh, it must be wrong in the system.” So it's a sure thing it's going to happen to the next sucker in line because they aren't willing to fix it! Also, you have to return items left and right because they are so cheap they break, etc. I do NOT consider it a pleasant shopping experience in the least! The ONLY good thing is that you sure get your exercise running around the store looking for stuff, but balance that with the time and money you waste for their cheap products and I say forget it! I feel sorry for the older people who can’t do much walking!)

On top of all this, they ran a minimum of 4 long-term local businesses out of our small town! Walmart decided to open a pizza service, and kept it running just long enough to run Papa Johns out of our town in Kewanee, IL, and then the promptly closed the pizza thing – that was pretty crappy because we LOVED Papa Johns! Then they opened a photo shop and ran a local photographer out of town and... you guessed it, they immediately closed the photo shop. It looks to me like they are doing something illegal – opening up long enough to run competitors out and then closing again. But who can prove it or has the money to fight Walmart?

So, back to their mission statement “Saving people money so they can have a better life.” It's a bunch of bologna. In the long run I don’t think I save money – I’m FORCED to buy cheap products because that’s all they offer and my life isn’t better – I’m not the one on the top of the Forbes list like the Walton family, I'm spending my life at their customer service desk returning or exchanging goods and supporting them!

I try to avoid Walmart at all costs, and now – after many years of wishing I could just boycott them, I FOUND THE ANSWER AND I'M THRILLED! I’m on cloud 9! So I just have to tell the world! You CAN avoid Walmart and stop supporting those family members at the top of the Forbes list and get some of the wealth spread back to you! It’s not a scam either! I won’t get into it here, but call me if you’d like to take a FREE look. (Even if you like what you see and want to get started it won’t cost you anymore than taking the family to McDonald’s for a meal – so what do you have to lose?) My number is: (309) 635-8095 or call Toll Free: 1-888-522-6121 and you’ll be glad you did!

If you really want the answer and want to feel free, once and all, from the Walmart retail chains that are wrapped around you and weighing you down, call me!

Tracy Parish, CPRW
Nationally Published Professional Resume Writer & Career Industry Conference Speaker
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7 Responses Feb 18, 2012

After 4 years on the job I was told I was not being productive enough because I talked to my customers and was not stocking the shelves instead . In the walmart cheer conducted at the end of every morning meeting "who is number 1 the customer always" is so bogas a statement that it should be taken out of the cheer and instead should say" manager always".Since the shift manager at store # 4252 in flagstaff .az came to that store we as associates have received one $50 bonus, but the managers & assistant managers have received their full bonus. while the rest of us do the work their butts and their wallets keep getting bigger. If you are a manager at that store or any other store and you read this shame on you .

i've worked for wal-mart for 5 years and then got laid off already 2 years for not calling in and for them to say i banned my job for no call no show and that i brought a dr note as the dr took me out for two days plus my 3 days off to the personal office and that i asked if there was something else i needed to do other then the dr note and they said no that is fine and that they waited a week to laid me off but fail to mention and lied to me and told unemployment that i was fired where they told me that i was laid off and was welcome to come back but yet they keep telling me to apply or up date my application do and that the store i worked for was in tracy, ca #2025 and the store manager that use to work there never liked me and only favored the Mexicans so I think walmart is in it for the money and don't care for ppl or employees how sad is that

Worked there for close to 9 years in a professianal capacity. When people starting complaining about the drugs made in India and other countries that came in those damn blue containers, home office simply told us to use the warning labels to cover up where the drugs came from. I have since been wrongly terminated but told I have to case in the state I live in. Please hate Wal-mart with all your being and do not buy that crap.

I was hurt May 18, 2010 I was working in Lawn and Garden I was called in it was my day off. I hurt my knee pretty bad. Walmart did not want to take me to the dr. I made them. but to make a long story short I ended up having a knee replacement on March 2, 2012 my knee was that bad. Well now I have to have it amputated I don't want to but I am allergic to the Metal. Walmart is trying to MAKE ME put the Titanium Knee in even though they know I am allergic to that too. They are forcing me to do so against my own will and then to turn around have to amputate it too.... Where are my rights...?

I hate Walmart too, for many of the reasons in the story. That said, if people want to shop there and choose to work there, that is their business. You just won't see me there.

Google: ("Aymn Almsaodi" Walmart)
He will be the first American Non-Prisoner to die of a hunger strike (He is still alive & concious in the Staples center 12th st & Figueroa entrance, as I am typing these words, so remember where you heard it first)

Attn# Walmart Chairman Rob WaltonWalmart Customer Aymn Almsaodi is poised to be the First Non-prisoner Hunger Strike Death in US history.Everybody will know he died because he made the great mistake of shopping at Walmart. Most importantly adversaries of WalMart will remind everyone that his modest demands to end the hunger strike were arrogantly ignored by Walmart executives effectively showing the blood of Aymn Almsaodi on the hands of the Walton clan and their executives. As we know his only fault was shopping at Walmart & suffering a humiliating wrongful detainment and disrespect by the store manager, worsened by the failure to obtain a written apology for the last 30 months. Today ******** of all other options Aymn Almsaodi is entering the final stages of his hunger strike (via rapid dehydration) in the Staples center in LA that he insists will end before his 31st birthday on 31 October 2012. Unless Walmart gives him a written apology and a fair
compensation for the last 30 months of hardship he had to suffer because of Walmart refusal to allow him to move on with his life by the redemption of a written apology. This email is shared With the media and activists and will be a public testimony observing the moral character of Walmart executives, leadership & a general evaluation of Walmart concept of customer service.

This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you have received this email in error destroy it immediately.*** Walmart Confidential ***

AMEN! I can't stand Walmart here in Oregon. The poor elderly women work sooooo slow! I have stood in a line on a non-holiday week day for over 20 minutes!! I have also had to wait extra because a woman wanted to buy a cucumber but it didn't have the sticky item number tag on it... the cashier had to ask someone to get the number. The sluggish employee slowly meandered toward the produce isle... the cashier COULD have completed the order... pressed through the other waiting customers, then completed a second transaction for her darn cucumber...