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Used to be loyal Walmart customer until my fiancée and I decided to order the HBO series "Game Of Thrones" from had to go this route because, Walmart does NOT carry it in any of their stores...We chose the Slow To Store option for shipping because it is free. Well, the free service lived up to its name. 10 days later it was available for pickup at the Kremlin. We brought it home and were thrilled to finally be able to watch the series on blu-ray disc. Much to our chagrin the discs were defective! We were watching them and the picture would freeze and then skip to the next scene! So, we decided to bring it back to get a refund because, we found that Target and Best Buy carried the series for purchase in their stores...We were told that we could only exchange the item for another one as it was an opened electronic item. Well, we don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that you NEED to open an electronic item to see if it is going to work! So, our only option was to get a return authorization number, ship it back to and then wait yet again for it to be shipped to us again because Walmart DOES NOT carry the item in ANY of their stores! We can get IDed for a can of starter fluid but, we can't purchase a blu-ray box set if it has violent content from ANY of their stores?! Where is the customer service? When you usually buy items quite frequently from a store and then get left out in the cold after making a $50+ purchase and are made to feel like you don't matter it leaves a really bad taste in your mouth! Aren't the customers the reason why they have an evil empire to begin with?! We will never set foot in another Walmart ever again! If there is an item that we would like to purchase and the ONLY place we,could make that purchase is Walmart, we will go without!!!! BTW, Sam Walton would be appalled at what Walmart has become!
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Walmart does carry "Game of Thrones" in their stores. I work in a Walmart electronics dept. and I just stocked it againt last night. We've had it on our shelves since I started in electronics, back in December. Secondly, it is not Walmarts fault that they can only exchange the opened item for another of the same. That is federal policy for certain electronic merchandise, i.e. video games, dvds, computer programs. You should be upset with the HBO DVD distributor for putting out crappy DVDs, not Walmart.<br />
But I do agree with you that Sam would be appalled at what has happened at the retail chain.