Can't Wait For Target To Come To Canada

I ordered online a Blackberry Table for my sister has a Christmas gift. I received the confirmation and etc. The next day, I received an email saying that I ordered has been cancelled. Cancelled??? What??? OMG! I ordered on the last day of the sale after calling all the Walmart stores in Mississauga, Brampton and Etobicoke and no one had them left. I checked Best buy, Futureshop... named it, I tried it. There was only a couple of them left in Futureshop but it was in Downtown Toronto and of course, I didn't reserve it since I got one online at Walmart.

So to continue, I called Walmart online customer service to find out why was my order cancelled. After numerious excuses, I had asked to be transferred to a supervisor. Well of course, the supervisor won't be in until Monday. Nice, no supervisor on duty from Thursday through Monday.. hmmm!

The supervisor calls me on Monday afternoon. I just simply wanted to know 'Why was my ordered cancelled!!' She told me that is because 'one or more items on my application is not approved by my financial credit card'. What?? That is impossible! When I asked her what was the issue, she simply said ''I don't know. We don't have those details.'' I told her you mean Walmart doesn't put notes in them system to give the 'customer' a reason for cancellation?. I called my financial credit card company and they said that there is nothing different or irregular on my credit card. Of course, I spoke with the supervisor again at Walmart and told her the same. There is nothing different on my order application that my credit card company doesn't have or may think is fraudulent. She still said 'Well, I don't have any other information. I understand this was a Christmas gift but there is nothing I can do about it.' Wow and you're a supervisor? You have no answer or solution to my, a 'customer's' questions? And the end, I asked to speak to someone superior to her and it has been 4 days... nothing.

The funny thing is that I ordered another Blackberry table online after this. By the time, I checked out.... the table was no longer available, lol! Why am I not surprised!!

I am sad that Zellers have closed down but can't wait for Target!! HATE, HATE WALMART. The stores are always messy; whenever something is on sale, you will never find it... all sold out; simple things like, Ajax for cleaning, Greek yogurt... you will never find it in stock!!
WalmartHater WalmartHater
Dec 14, 2012