Low Price Leader?

ok I have to say what makes me so mad is when people say that they shop at walmart because it's sooooo much cheaper.  Come on people do you have your head in the sand?  I'm not sure, I could be wrong about other cities or states, but here where I live, walmart isn't the cheapest place to get it.  Since I work for them, I get to see first hand just how not cheap they are. I do the price comparisions.  I check the other store for various items and prices.  So come on people just admit it, you either enjoy the lack of service and over paying for groceries or its force of habit.  Alot of people are just plain lazy. They take walmart at it's word(because they are so honest and have our best interest at heart) that they have the lowest prices.  We already know you can't just get in and out.  So really why do you shop at walmart?

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I think if gasoline was cheaper people would be willing to drive to other stores to get things on a regular basis. I worked at one super-center on my side of town and most of the customers either lived nearby or worked at places nearby and stopped before & after work or lunch time to get their shopping out of the way. After I quit I started shopping at other stores that were on my way home from work....I can buy produce a lot cheaper at Aldi's, Sprouts Market, and a couple of local chains. I only buy fresh meat where there is an in-store butcher, and Dollar Tree has a lot of merchandise for nearly half of what Walmart prices it. In fact before I left I would tell customers the stuff they could find at Dollar Tree, hey...Walmart's saying is "We're here to save you money" and I accepted that.

You tell em, pj143. Why is it that the guy at the top is somehow the poor innocent victim as he overworks and underpays his employees, rips off his customers, and destroys the economy of his country and the dignity of the common American in his pursuit for obscene wealth, all the while ignoring the fact that the common worker is the one actually doing the work to earn his millions of dollars? There is nothing innocent about the motives of a multi-billion dollar company that sees all of humanity as a means to an end (the end being their own profits), and there is nothing nefarious about a worker who has the audacity to notice this and point it out. "Oh, noes, the livestock is talking back, RUN!"<br />
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And I also get infuriated when people say 'but it's just CHEAPER!' Even if it is, is it worth the evil they do? I just want to walk into a Walmart wearing a t-shirt that says "I contributed to the downfall of America and all I got was this lousy t-shirt (product of China)--but it was FIVE BUCKS LESS than the usual price! SCORE!"<br />
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Just watch the jibjab.com song about "Big Box Mart" if you want to be (dubiously) cheered up. I love that part at the end, where the loyal "I love me some cheap crap" character has now lost his job and all hope of retirement and will "be cleaning toilets 'til they stick me in my grave".<br />
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I don't shop at walmart too much and rarely if ever for groceries. I usually go to HEB for groceries. I shop around for clothes and stuff like that pretty much everywhere except walmart.

I just have to comment on it being sad to hate the place that pays me. . . . People that have that mind-set are the ones that forgot we made that money for them. It's sad that someone that works as hard as myself doesn't have enough self confidence to work that hard for myself.

It's sad when you hate the place that pays you..sorry..<br />
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From what I understand, it's true about the pricing.. the stuff displayed out between the aisles are way-good deals designed to get you to think everything in the store is like-priced, and to buy without really considering the prices of the shelved items. Also, Walmart's one of China's biggest buyers, and they dictate to anyone in the US or anywhere not how much they'll pay for, but what they'll buy the products for. <br />
Since some Chinese will work for a few dollars a day in<br />
often very undignified conditions, Wallyworld's put US companies like Rubbermaid slam out of business.<br />
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But you can buy a dorm-sized vac for $25 or less, and an armorall 3-pack wipes for six bucks...<br />
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Go figure....