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The Ether Bunny does NOT hate Wal-Mart. He loves Wal-Mart and he even works there. He runs the Heath and Beauty Department. He is a Wal_MArt manager



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Well, the veterans didn't fight to keep this country free. The veterans fought for the personal power and profit of this country's upper 1% while being bamboozled into thinking they were fighting to keep this country free, and it's been that way since after WWII. The veterans were used. And the upper 1% who used them and then tossed them to the side utilize the mindless cry of militaristic hero-worship that tolerates no criticism of their militaristic ideal to deflect this fact from being brought out into the open and discussed. Ironically, this helps to enable further misuse of the armed forces, since to criticize the war itself, for example, is seen as tantamount to "hurting the troops".<br />
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I despise all forms of military force, no matter what side we're talking about, but the thing I hate most is the fact that if you criticize anything the militarists do, it results in hysterical screaming about "defending freedom" in an attempt to shut down discussion. I'd have more respect for them if they didn't throw tantrums or fits any time anyone fails to treat them with the reverence of little gods, much less dares to be critical of military actions. I'd have more respect for them if they could admit when something they were sent to do turned out to be wrong or when it turns out they weren't defending freedom after all. Few people have that kind of courage, in or out of the military.<br />
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I knew a guy who served in Viet Nam who didn't demand any reverence, never puked out any "I defended your freedom!" drivel and was completely able to admit that the war he had believed in so much turned out to be wrong, and what he went through was not some grand battle of good vs. evil that saved us from some kind of freedom-eating devil. He didn't supplicate, he didn't apologize profusely, but he did admit he had been seriously wrong. That is the hardest thing to do, to admit that what you believed in or what you went through wasn't the heroic battle you thought it was, and I had nothing but respect for him.<br />
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And on that note, if we had been sending our troops to, say, Darfur rather than to places in which our upper 1% had some kind of power and profit interests, I could have supported them. I'd still hate the concept of the military, but I could admit that in this case they had done something unambiguously right and had done some good in the world. This never happens, because there is no obscene profit in doing good in the world--only in convincing others that they are doing good in the world while using them to cement your own power.<br />
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And if more militarists could pull their heads out of their hero-worship mentality to critique the actual motives and actions for which they are fighting instead of screaming down any criticism with "I DEFENDED YOUR FREEDOM!", perhaps those in the military would be less put-upon. A major part of freedom is to openly discuss this sort of thing, but the attempts of militarists to shut down discussion in favor of mindless hero-worship ironically had the effect of negating that which they claim to have defended.<br />
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As it is right now, this "how dare you criticize our Military Heroes" hsyteria serves no one but the owners of the country.<br />
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On top of that, in a free country there is no stipulation that one must revere the military to "deserve" to do business. Perhaps you could make a better argument that if you're a rich bastard who is going to manipulate these people into killing and being killed to protect your bottom line and the bottom line of your rich cronies, you have some kind of personal duty to them, but the same can be said for the average worker of a company. These bastards use the military the way they use the workers of this country--as livestock to further their own personal interests and then discard when they outlive their usefulness. But I don't know how Target actually comes out in that situation.<br />
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And I don't care. I don't shop at Target either, and I won't, but for reasons that have nothing to do with military reverence.

Our Walmart doesn't have an Ether Bunny. We don't do bunnies anymore. But if you want to talk about Fairies, that would be our manager.

that post was from the 4th I doubt they are still looking here you might want to pm them

I didn't know that about Target. That's very disappointing. Can you link a story?

Boycott Wal-mart for they way they pay their employees slave wages; and Target for the way they boycott our armed forces. If you can't find it in your heart to help our veterans, who fight to keep this country free, then you don't deserve to be allowed the right to operate any stores here. <br />
Target sucks!

!Target Si! !Wal-Mart No!<BR><BR>The only blue vests I have in my closet are trophies from the cashiers that have come home with me but NEVER returned.<BR><BR>Besides, dasmuggler is often guilty of projection which is EXACTLY what his comments are. Maybe you should ask to see his W-2 from 12 years ago. Hmm.<BR><BR>It's okay, though. I let his attacks roll off me like water off a duck's back or my **** off a cashier's face.


Stop encourageing him! He is in EP denial that he really works ther and that he doesn't have several little blue vest hanging in his closet. He wears the little happy face t-shirt everywhere he goes outside of the store. He knows all the brand names for the makeup companies. Folks seriously he loves working there and has stock options. He even has an Uncle named Wally

Yes, boycott Walmart and shop at Target. That pushes my dad's stock up and maybe, just maybe, I'll get an inheritance down the road. <br />
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Shop Target!!

Wishful thinking on your part.

why must you lie? You have a great employee discount that I know you use all the time

Blasphemy! I choose to boycott WalMart. It is the devil!