My Ode To Pointless Wars

Driving back from a trip to the country
A beautiful day, lovely and sunny
Darkness had fallen, going cold
Autumn leaves turning shades of gold
Bangs and lights lit up the sky
Oh the bonus of bonfire night
Guy Fawkes plan to blow up Parliament
Firework parties but too cold for a tent
Guy failed with all his plans
And his supporters became also ran’s

But fireworks night sounds different to me
This year, banging endlessly
Sounds to me more like a war zone
In many country’s people call home
Gaza, Syria, Libya, sudan; not fair
Sierra leone, friction absolutely everywhere
Every night sounds like bonfire weekend
Adding to torture and personal hells

Don’t know what it would be like
Living in a town with mortar shell strikes
Artillery, missiles, white phosphorus even
War is good for nothing in all seasons
Except those making money from weapons shops
Sensless killing, it all got to stop

So next time fireworks are being let off
Ask yourself have any senseless wars stopped
Doubt it cos they make cash for
Shareholders, governments, you know the score
We are all one brotherhood of man
Try telling that to the also ran’s

Both blue and red corners have been tricked
Senseless; stupid wars: Nobody wins
Except the missile, gun sellers too
The general population is still feeling blue
No roves on homes, family’s decimated
Stands to reason, perpetrators will be hated

More than likely western backed
It’s not conjecture, I deal in facts
War’s that the west want won
Propaganda all over the news and sun
But the wars that remain an embarrassment
More than likely brushed under the carpet

But the carpet’s looking lumpy from here
Governments don’t want you looking near
Genocide being done by CIA puppets
And cos it’s them they get away with it
Kids can’t even play outside
A minimal shot at a quality of life

The bumps have died down mostly
But I’m sure in a war torn country
The bangs will be into the night
That’s no life; a bag of S@+te
Someone needs to lift the gloom
And say stop to the USA secret government
Calling the tunes
41-45, M
Dec 13, 2012