Hate War and I Want It to End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People lose their homes, lose people they love and lose their own lives but why????? Why do people do that???????  why didn't we learn anything from the past. What is the F***ing Point??????????????????? I wish I could do somehting to STOP it. PEACE

GrueneRose GrueneRose
2 Responses May 21, 2007

I hate war too but its not war you should hate, its what the american army does... Coming from the Australian Defense Force I can personally say that we do our fair share of fighting for peaceful causes however the US army is ruthless and brutal, Australia and New Zealand work closely together however do a very different job than the US.

So don't hate war, hate the government and the mining industry, because war is necessary while extremists are alive. However its time the US is occupied for a change in military control.

yesterday i met some one on vacation who asked me if i had any weed i dint but asked why. he replied im leaving for iraq in 3 hours and i dont know how to tell my family. i wished him the best of luck and gave him the 4 leaf clover ive carried in my wallet for like ever. i figured hed need it alot more than i do. god bless our troops.