Been Having Nightmares About This From Before I Could Walk

It will never happen...will it?

Sitting eating cupcakes on the meadow
A beautiful day, perfection gleams in the suns warmth
Then, a screeching siren pierces our hearts
Alarms warn that the world is blowing apart
I sit there frozen at the sound of death ringing its bell
petrified, absolutely terrified of the impending hell
A mighty flash!
A nuclear blast!
Blinding our eyes
Fire flies through the scorching skies
Brains being blown with the wave like grains of sand
No one will be left to see the after math
Missiles explode, turning bones into tiny stones
The end has come...
Surfing on the shock-wave of an atomic bomb
Skin burning, disintegrating my tongue
My blood boils, the liquid inside me evaporates til I'm gone
My skin turns to ashes within an instance of the flashes
The wind passes like an invisible furnace
Burning us
Turning us into dust
Little bits of skin drifting in the wind
Our legacy wiped away with the gust

A bright flash!
A thunderous clash!
All that's left is ash
Death carried with the blast
society just a memory of the past
Burning, hurting for a second
Then life is but an echo
The end of existence
Gone in an instance
The human race is no more...
freedomchaser24 freedomchaser24
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 11, 2013

I've had a recurring dream about World War 3, always in black and white, with me pinned against a wall as the bomb drops. Very vivid and very disturbing. I worry about the current nuclear activity and am afraid we will never learn.