War, What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing.

Say it again. There is no conflict ever that could not have been resolved with diplomacy. Peaceful resolutions should always be sought, but this is not on the agenda of most governments.
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I appreciate your thoughts. The Bible actually foretold that during "the last days" there would be " wars and reports of wars" that " nation would rise against nation." Do you think that true peace and security will ever be able to overtake the earth?

The was humans are, probably not, but it is still an ideal to strive for.

Yes I agree there seems to have been plenty of time for humans to demonstrate whether or not they can establish peace.
The Bible long ago stated why--" I well know O Jehovah that it does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step."(Jeremiah 10:23)
Notice it says step not even steps...
So is it hopeless? Is true peace just a dream?

Obviously some of you need to read your history and talk with the people who have actually been to war. War is not a very attractive alternative but neither is enslavement.

We do read our history, and history keeps repeating itself.

How do you feel about the armed forces ?

They are necessary, but only because it is an imperfect world. Any armed conflict should only be used as a very last resort. Routinely, spurious arguments about 'regime change' and the 'war on terror' has been used to invade. It is the 10th anniversary today of the 'Stop The War' marches in ondon and elsewhere and still war criminals George W Bush and Tony Blair walk free.

You had me at war criminals :)

Looking at my post, I have no idea where 'ondon' is, hehe (my spelling is very good, but my typing is crap). They are war criminals every bit as much as BIn Laden et al, cut from the same fevered cloth.

Absolutely and I'm pedantic about spelling and don't like my typos .

I've completely changed the meanings on a couple of my posts through my typos....

I notoriously forget to add n't to things and have to back track quick .

I once sais about screaming at the television, sadly omitting the s at the start of the word :-0

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It is for birth control to get rid of the middle class children tome as that is about all you see fighting and dying in Viet Nam